World Summit on Water and Sustainable Development

World Summit on Water and Sustainable Development

Zaragoza in Spain was selected as the host city for the world summit on Water and Sustainable Development in May 2008. The South African Department of Water Affairs had selected a representative display area in the Sub Sahara pavilion which was officially opened by Dr Pallo Jordan – Minister of Arts and Culture of the Republic of South Africa. The area which South Africa had selected, presented a large curved wall area perfect for displaying panoramic images on a projected surface

Amongst the 120 other countries to have displays at this three month exhibition, various European contractors were engaged to construct the South African Pavilion which included display elements relating to water preservation in the Southern Africa region

A dominant element of the South African pavilion was the audio-visual display which was contracted to PENMAC South Africa for the technical design and installation, while Image Works provided the content. The display followed the natural curvature of the venue wall to form a 26 by 4 meter curved surface projected image. The specification also required audio to be installed, and due to the large width of the screen, the audio was delivered via eight discrete audio feeds. Projection was achieved using six large projectors. Content delivery was handled entirely by a Dataton Watchout video server cluster running on seven computers. Watchout was used to do the edge blending between the six projectors and also took care of the geometric correction on the curved surface. An added challenge to the installation was a construction pillar in the centre of the room close to the screen. This meant that the projectors could not be equally spaced, and the centre two units needed to move apart to effectively project in behind the construction pillar. Edge blending behind the pillar, and the required additional horizontal geometric correction was set up in Watchout.

Because the audio visual installation was largely un-manned, the three month scheduled control of the show required Dataton Guidemaker software which was programmed to do the daily startup and shutdown of projectors and computers.

Other countries at the Zaragoza EXPO that used Dataton Watchout on their exhibits included, Catalunya, Spain, Andalucia, Andorra, Kuwait, Balear Island, Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Azerbadjan, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, and Germany.

Dataton Watchout was also used as the central show controller for the; Extreme Water Pavilion, Emblematic Bridge Pavilion, Emblematic Water Tower and also for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Over the three month period, the expo attracted more than 8 million visitors.

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