We would like to introduce PIXILAB

An exciting time in the international audio visual community as we see two of our favorite and influential AV figures break away from what was thought to define them and take flight into a exciting and interesting direction that is keeping us all on the edge of our seats. The PENMAC team introduces PIXILAB, and we wish them the all the best for there new and exciting endeavors ahead.
Mike and Fredrik have built their professional careers around helping individuals and organisations create amazing presentations worldwide. With backgrounds in AV technology, automation and IT systems development, training and marketing, they bring invaluable experience to any project, regardless of its scope. Having spent the past 15 years inventing, perfecting and establishing the WATCHOUT® multi display system, they have an unprecedented insight into the fields of large scale presentations, digital signage and personal/mobile interaction.
In addition to helping out with systems integration, creative assistance and project management, they’re also hard at work developing a new breed of presentation technologies, bridging the gap between the very smallest and largest displays around you.