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Pyramix 10 brings an entirely new toolkit which makes the idea of being trapped by a maximum speaker layout a thing of the past. No matter what the application, bringing a 3rd dimension to your audio content will have a profound effect on your next production. And, matched with a number of other new feature enhancements and updates, Pyramix 10 is the next benchmark in the evolution of audio workstations around the globe.

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Product Description

Pyramix is already acknowledged as the pro audio industry’s most advanced digital audio workstation. It offers unsurpassed sonic quality and a level of flexibility proven by its suitability and acceptance in post production, multi-channel live music recording, broadcast radio and CD/DSD music mastering.
Pyramix remains one of the most open systems on the market able to play/record in just about any audio format, that can even be mixed within the same time-line without conversion. The range of project and session interchange modules also allows Pyramix to integrate to just about all 3rd-party systems.

Pyramix is available on two Platforms – MassCore or Native.

  • Ravenna Capable (v8.0)
  • MassCore
  • 16 to 384 Simultaneous I/O Channel System Configurations
  • Real-time timeline SRC
  • Unlimited Timeline Editing Tracks
  • Dedicated Cross Fade Editor – Unlimited Fade/Xfade Curves and Parameters
  • Dedicated Stereo and Surround Monitoring of: True Peak / Loudness (EBU R128 & ATSC A/85) / VU and PPM levels. Plus Oscilloscope and Phase, all accessible within single “Final Check” plug-in. [Read More]
  • Comprehensive Dynamic and Snapshot Automation
  • Multiple Surround Mixdown Buses
  • Mixer Channels can feed Multiple Mix Buses
  • Advanced Media Manager with Full Search and Retrieval Functionality
  • Full Support of multi-channel VST Plug-ins
  • Networking and Network Streaming Capabilities as Standard
  • Sample Rates of 32kHz to 384kHz plus DXD and DSD (1-bit 2.8MHz)
  • Audio Format Support Includes WAV, BWF, OMF, AAF, PMF, RIFF64,AIF, SD2, MP3, DSDIFF, MXF
  • Supported Interchange Formats: OMF, AAF, XML, Final Cut XML, CMX-EDL, AES31, OpenTL, DAR
  • Digital I/O daughter cards AES-EBU, TDIF, SDIF, MADI Optical or Coaxial, ADAT/SPDIF

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