Ovation has made a name for itself in the AV industries as being a tool that can be used in any audio environment, from installation AV to operator driven events and spectacles. Ovation 6 now brings the power of an integrated 3D rendering engine, for use with both replayed sounds and an almost limitless number of live inputs. Matched with the feature set that has made it famous and seen it used on some of the world’s most important events has created an unbeatable combination.

  • 384 Audio Tracks per System
  • Overlap Playback to Outputs
  • Mix Live Inputs with Playback
  • Mix with MIDI HUI/Oasis/Eucon/RAP
  • Interaction Rules
  • Dataton WATCHOUT sync

Product Description

Ovation is a multi-format media sequencer and play-out system. It combines the unequalled power of MassCore DSP, virtually limitless automatable I/O and busing, full VST support and complete integration with award winning Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system.

Ovation as a Show Controller is a robust platform that has been specifically designed to be the perfect solution for an incredibly wide array of live/event/installation applications. From its large easy to read touch screen interface, hardware or software cue firing control, powerful cue interaction rules and intuitive configuration, there is no show to big or small for the Ovation Media Sequencer.

  • Up to 384 Track/Playback strips and 256 output buses
  • Merging Technologies VS3 plus VST plugin support.
  • MassCore and Native ASIO supported.
  • Near-zero latency
  • Multiple File Formats Playback Instantly and Simultaneously – No Rendering
    • BWF,Wav, Aiff, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3
    • 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz – DXD/DSD
    • Any Bit-depth
  • Timed Cue list – either Show Time or Time of Day
  • Hot Key Cue list – Optional Hot Key Keyboard available.
  • Browser Cue list for audition/on the fly play-out.
  • Windows explorer or Drag n Drop Import
  • Multi-track Cues within a single Ovation Cue (without rendering)
  • Pyramix editor and multi-track recorder.
  • Single Cue’s can perform Multiple Cue Interactions simultaneously.
  • Can Trigger or Chase
    • MIDI, MMC, MIDI Show Control,
    • MTC, LTC, RS-422, RS-232
    • Sony 9 Pin, GPIO, Script Commands
  • Full Network Support
  • Touch Screen Design
  • Remote Control/access via Web Server support.


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