Hybrid Modular Matrices


The MX series matrix routers are high performance modular expandable DVI and HDMI compliant switchers available with five different frame sizes. The builtin sophisticated software and hardware features make these routers the most flexible and integrated solution for AV professionals and high-end home theatre applications.



Product Description

Lightware Visual Engineering has recently upgraded to a new series of digital video/audio routing and extension systems. These Modular Matrices are designed according to our well known philosophy of ‘High Fidelity Signal Management’. The 2011 series router frames and I/O board family incorporate new features, broader signal compatibility, more precise switching, control, troubleshooting and signal measurement. The router frames start from 9×9 I/O size and increase up to 80×80. AV professionals can choose between various I/O sizes, video signal types and transport media options according to their system requirements thanks to our Hybrid Modular Design.

The future-proofed matrix backplanes are able to switch data rates up to 12.8 Gigabit per second data rates allowing transportation of the HDMI 1.4, 4K x 2K, 3D and Displayport 1.1 video signals. All input boards e.g. DVII, 3G-SDI, etc. convert their respective input signals to the widest and broadest standard for all existing video signals – uncompressed HDMI (including embedded audio). Output boards convert the router’s switched HDMI format to their respective output e.g. fiber and twisted pair amongst others

Key Features

  • All new MX-CPU2 processor board
  • Frame Detector for Input signal analysis on any port
  • Genlock switching (bi-level, tri-level, TTL and any Input)
  • Multiple TCP/IP connection
  • Advanced error handling and logging with time code
  • Combine non-HDCP and HDCP capable I/O boards in the same frame
  • Front panel USB control
  • Front panel buttons and 4-line LCD menu
  • TCP/IP Ethernet (multiple connections)
  • Built-in website (multiple access)
  • Compatible with all MX-… and MXD-… I/O boards
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • Intuitive control software
  • HDCP compliant and HDCP Key Counter
  • Optional redundant power supplies
  • Hybrid Modular and Cross Platform technology
  • RS-232 / RS-422
  • Vista Spyder and Barco Encore compatible

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