The 25G-FR160x160 frame handles up to 160 input and 160 output ports, making this frame one of the largest on the market. This frame is managing the signals on 8 different layers which means the signals are switched in 3 dimensions. The 25G frames are able to: transmit video signals up to 4K resolution, support all the 3D formats, handle forward and return audio, transmit USB-KVM, Ethernet, bidirectional RS-232, IR and CEC signals. The intuitive graphical user interface makes the controlling of the matrix very easy and allows the user access to all the functionality. Lightware’s Advanced EDID Management is included in the frame which is also HDCP compliant as well. Each board which contains electronic components are hot swappable which makes changes of the configuration very easy and quick and it also means that the system is able to work 24/7 without any and delays. If any error occurs it can easily be fixed without switching the matrix off. Redundant power supplies and CPU such as the monitoring board are also available for this frame for fail safe operation in mission critical applications.

Key Features

  • 25 Gbit/sec per port video signal speed
  • Multilayer signal management – signal switching in 3 dimensions
  • 160×160, 120×120, 80×160, 160×80 video crosspoint versions
  • Independent switching of audio, video and controls
  • USB KVM extension
  • Built-in 320 port 100 Mbit Ethernet switch with 1 gigabit uplink
  • Dual redundant CPU processor boards for fail safe operation
  • Hot swappable components
  • RS-232 bidirectional transmission and control
  • IR and CEC transmission
  • Intuitive GUI interface for easy handling of all functions
  • Room and User Management
  • Front panel touch screen
  • Genlock and Word clock
  • Advanced error handling and logging with time code
  • TCP/IP Ethernet control (multiple connections)
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • HDCP compliant
  • Combine non-HDCP and HDCP capable I/O boards in the same frame
  • Redundant power supplies – 24/7 secure operation
  • Supports former LW protocols
  • Barco Encore and Vista Spyder compatible
  • Hybrid Modular technology