The Digital Boardroom Solution

Digital Boardroom Solution 1

A Boardroom Solution designed to work for you

A Companies boardroom solution is the epicenter of workflow and decision making, we at PENMAC know that and we understand that the audio visual needs of a boardroom needs to have the focus of efficiency and creative energy. Our clients have often requested state of the art audio visual solutions that are simple to use. Plug and Play! With much of the technology coming to the forefront of corporate audio visual standard there are many factors that could effect the working state of the audio visual installation, which is a main focus on any solution we provide. We let you focus on those awesome presentation and without a fear of ever having to loose the attention of your audience due to faulty audio visual equipment, we want non of that!


In today’s standard a boardroom has to have 3 simple factors to enable one to have a presentation 1) A screen 2) Audio 3) connection point for a laptop. That is the most basic setup for any company being part of the digital era, but there are frustrations with many facets of any one of those steps. We simplify that by securing the connection between all three steps and adding a very clever piece of software in between that can manage the connections and output your presentation without any hassles.

Our understanding of high definition video and the many ways of manipulating it to suite the need of the customer is why we recommend a high light output Laser projector, which is the latest in projection technology and gives the added benefit of not hassling over maintenance of changing lamps every few months and of-course enabling our clients to experience crystal clear, high definition displays without having to turn off the lights or closing the blinds.