About Us

17 years of industry experience has refined the PENMAC product offering to include consultation and design of stage layout, screen construction, technical layout and manufacturing consultation. Hardware and software supply are core to PENMAC solutions which often includes content production and project management.

Meet the Team

Whatever direction your story needs to take, rest assured that our proposals will have been refined through a team of creative minds keen to make your project not only informative but also infinitely memorable.

Over thirty years of hands-on experience in the audio visual design and delivery business. This effectively means he still knows what a 35mm slide projector is and how to make it work with other stuff. With a background in the industrial automation, control systems are in his blood. The growing demand in the modern audio visual networks for these skills, and his passion for audio visual, explains his natural attraction to the product range which PENMAC distribute and support.

Curious about anything technical, Dylan ensures that from design to delivery the very best industry practice will be maintained throughout the project process. Interconnectivity between various technical sub-systems is often a product requirement and vital to the services PENMAC provide. Dylan’s in-depth technical consulting completes the company product range.

New to the PENMAC team and the industry, Iain is applying his immense enthusiasm and sales techniques to enlighten the world about the fantastic products PENMAC have available to best serve our industry.

Keeping a rowdy team in check – administration and traffic direction requires a firm approach. Penny has an understanding of our business and takes care of our team and the taxman.

In a world of techno-junkies, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is best left to creative minded among us. Ron consistently challenges the norms bringing new and wild ideas to enhance exciting concepts. His skills in graphic content design are essential for the unconventional show setups PENMAC stage internally and for regular clients.

Our Process

We have honed our approach based on experiential learning. The delivery methodology ensures maximum creativity, absolutely no compromise on quality and a neurotic pursuit on delivery.